Covid V*x Implicated in Heart Problems for Youth

The CDC reports that youth who receive the covid-19 vaccination are showing up with heart inflammation.

Remember that the doctors’ conversation we posted included auto-immune attacking of various human tissue. While heart, brains, and kidneys are human tissue and inflmmation is normally a sign that something is wrong, it is actually the over-response to the next virus that is worrisone. Of course, when the next virus comes around, and people start dying, the common person might not guess that it was this vaccine and not the strong virus at fault. They might even call for another vaccine!

Please try to remember that 1) vaccines have never been made for viruses before and 2) Covid-19 is inarguably a human manufacture.

Notice, that while we have been inundated with (often conflicting) reports of government doctors, that is, doctors who work in high levels of government whose tasks are administrative, overseeing research about virus and outbreaks, clinicians often say something very different in private to patients. Please please please ask you own physician rather than taking the word of a “news” organization — especially one who you know lies or suppressed facts in other areas. Or any one who has a pecuniary interest (meaning they make money because of what they tell you.. They may care more about their wallet than your life.)

Notice what this doctor, who is also more well informed about government’s doings than the average citizen, is doing for his own health.

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