Church on educational issues?

I found a new blog: The Dallas Morning News is hosting on on Texas faith issues.

The question was should the church speak out on education issues. What was envisioned is getting us arguing pro and con about educational spending.

Futile. Church leaders will be pro-education. Anybody who has seen financial statements of the nation will know we have to cut spending. Anyone who follows education promulgations and outcomes will know that we are in a pickle, with results often opposite to intentions.

But the question is being interpreted wrong. It should not be “let’s get into the current political fray.” Rather, it should be, “What does the Lord say to do?”

Now, that is vastly different vista. What does the Lord say to you to do?

Oh, it is easy to shoot the lip against somenone else. It is different to roll up your sleeves and see how you can really help. It is different to note that other churches are coming short in their giving, their doctrine, their focus. It is another thing to put oneself on the line, to share what one knows and risk being criticized (especially if one sees something new), to risk one’s energy in leadership. That is what The Great Shalom does. We attempt to partner with parents and educators, to encourage them in faith, hope, and service to their children. We believe that God wants total well-being for all children. I am risking the time and benefits I would be getting at a full time job. I am risking criticism and condemnation by relatives, friends, and not-so-friendly friends. I am risking money. But I am following God’s mandate. I’m making a difference – at least to those who write and tell me I have in their lives. I am doing something that really matters, and doing my best at it. If I live at the pace of a forced march, if I fight nearly alone, if I fight a gargantuan foe (learning disabilities, resignation, poor achievement, an educationally broken generation or two, overwhelm for those who care), nevertheless, I have a place in a glorious, ultimately victorious army. What about the guy who took two pillboxes with nothing more than a grenade and a dagger in the Second Battle of the Marne? Even though he died, his life meant more than most other fates. He contributed to the liberation of France. Too bad he didn’t have a platoon, or an army. That is me. That is this. Except I have a better Commander: El-Tsabbaoth. We follow Jesus in his liberation of this generation. I am believing for reinforcements. Enlist. Both you and your money. Serve with me! Be on the winning side.

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