How to Teach Reading, Writing & Arithmetic : What to do when Reading Gets Rocky

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Ten short messages that make a protocol for what to do, plus two bonus interviews with educators. Secrets that highly paid professionals will keep from you! Check the nutritional and physiological foundation of health and wellness that preschoolers need. Then introduce language and numbers in a non-confusing way — NOT anything like is done in our public schools, but rather with a time tested method. Or else, concoct something that is based exactly on your child’s strength and weaknesses, as I have in my outstanding tutoring practice. If that is not enough, then there is guidance on where to go next.

For every parent, whether your child just needs a little help or a lot. This will steer you in a healthy, happy, and effective direction. Do not wait!

Do NOT be disillusioned. You can get there. But often not with the same old school methods that have been used in the past or currently. If the average, normal is not working, go through these steps, in order and you should be able to overcome the difficulties. The bonus interviews with Jennifer Sangave mentions many children who were thought to be impossible, but who succeeded brilliantly with the right method. Dr. Zuccone, also gives an explanation of Irlen Syndrome, so easy to overcome but so very often overlooked. All this is definitely rooted in science. Use it like an art. And see your child read — and have fun doing it!


Protocol on what a mother/home educator should do when learning to read is difficult. Every child can read, but some have a harder time. Don’t put it off. Do NOT just wait until they are in the 3rd grade and have already embraced failure! Don’t make it a big hairy, crying deal. Here are the secrets.

There are 10 messages, including 2 bonus interviews with professionals.
The health foundation that is often lacking.
The secrets to disambiguation… or … the secret to not confusing the child. This is normally entirely overlooked!
The mindset and the faith to use when things get difficult. If this were not a key, then it would not be talked about in business circles for a century. You need, however, a certain tweak or two.
How to observe, as a step to fixing, without diagnosing. No death knells here!
When to bring in a specialist, and which to use.
My testimony of teaching my grandsons to read, each of whom had serious problems, and all of whom went on to being honor students in lower elementary.


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