We Have Turned a Corner

  1. Covid-19 is extinct — except for the Delta variant. The Delta variant, I conclude from the official CDC chart that Senator Johnson presented to the Senate , come from the vax  https://flashpoint.govictory.com/episode/flashpoint-do-this-for-your-health-dr-peter-mccullough-mike-lindell-rick-green-and-more%E2%80%8B%E2%80%8B/  see minute 45
  2. News is clear that the vax is dangerous. the FDA is even saying so. Data from Taiwan shows clearly that more people are dying form the jab than from the covid-19.  https://flashpoint.govictory.com/episode/flashpoint-do-this-for-your-health-dr-peter-mccullough-mike-lindell-rick-green-and-more%E2%80%8B%E2%80%8B/  minute 47
  3. Even Delta is on the downside and there was no hospital over-run — contrary to news reports. Clearly and easy early treatment: just wash your mouth and nose with dilute iodine. Monoclonal anti=body work great especially for older people.  Common people are now knowledgable so that inappropriate protocols in the hospital will not reign. (Meaning hospitals will not be able to kill people admitted with covid quite as easily.)
  4. It is entirely clear that vax mandates are unconstitutional. The Supreme Court Decision tht says that the Commerce Clause can not e used to force a health action. OSHA was made by the Commerce Clause. the Biden mandate can not stand. https://flashpoint.govictory.com/episode/flashpoint-do-this-for-your-health-dr-peter-mccullough-mike-lindell-rick-green-I and-more%E2%80%8B%E2%80%8B
  5. The election results are now abundantly shown to have been false, and a large number of STATES are complaining in the Supreme Court.   My observation is that since there is a fair amount of evidence even to a common citizen that the CCP was responsibile for 82% of the machine fraud in the election, and pay-offs to some high officials, it would be legal for the military to straighten things out.
  6. We know masks are useless at best. Stop complying. https://flashpoint.govictory.com/episode/flashpoint-do-this-for-your-health-dr-peter-mccullough-mike-lindell-rick-green-and-more%E2%80%8B%E2%80%8B/  minute 54    Hand sanitizer is also useless against covid, which is a URI. Hand sanitizer puts who knows what on your hands, doesn’t kill all germs and leaves a stick residue to share those germs with the next person who touches the same thing. Don’t do it. So wash your hands, as usual.
  7. More media, both news and social media is available. People now know to use their brains and not to be deceived. Some pastors are standing up and people should be following those who lead. Theology should not lead you to be afraid and dependent and weak. Notice that clay and iron to not adhere – Daniel 2. We are in the biggest revival for Jesus in all of history. For revival, see Mario Mulliro : https://flashpoint.govictory.com/episode/flashpoint-let-the-lion-roar-dutch-sheets-lance-wallnau-hank-kunneman-mario-murillo/
  8.  Nebraska officially permits doctors to prescribe ivermectin, etc. https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_morningbrief/doctors-can-prescribe-ivermectin-hydroxychloroquine-off-label-for-covid-19-nebraska-ag_4055924.html?utm_source=Morningbrief&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mb-2021-10-20&mktids=b903d54d906d6f525130667153f1cea6&est=EqRqUbCUy%2Bu2UTHMlNk2YbAY5Jrj66fYTZHEFfqELaU594cZDFSOeb8YjOlGB75IqMY%3D



Now, great news that has been there all the time: https://media.triumphantlifechurch.com/gods-messengers-of-power-10-20-21-greg-buzzanco-tlc-media/  minute 20   the Anti-Christ is going and Jesus, with his holy saints and mighty angels, is coming!


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