The problem with the country may be the blame game itself!

Prayer, not agitation!

Last evening, while I was grabbing a bit of food in the faculty lounge, the janitor told me in his broken English what the problem of the country was: that legislators hire staff. We send them to Washington to do a job and they hire 100 other people to do it. I listened. He told me 3 times. Yes, I got that right.

What do you think about that? If we disallowed Congressmen to hire staff, would we have a significant savings in the national budget? Better or more work done in Congress?

I was reminded of a honored, but not very educated friend of mine last week who sent out an urgent email, asking everyone to pass it along. He solution to the national problems: be sure we don’t pay Congressmen. Hmmm. So, we should ensure that they depend upon corporate donations for their salary too?

Perhaps a little thought and prayer is needed before we agitate? Maybe a little education on the problems before talking about solutions. Sure, we are frustrated by Washington. But look, folks, they do what we vote for.

Notice that both parties are agreeing to extend the tax cuts to ordinary voters. Have you looked at the national budget lately? If we shut down the ENTIRE GOVERNMENT, including all military & defense and all administration, and cut out 1/3 of all mandatory spending (Social Security, Medicaid,. Interest payments and national disasters) then we could end the deficit. The deficit, folks is the overspending we do. This wouldn’t even affect our debt.

Folks, a little carping won’t help. Some half-baked blame on somebody far away won’t help. Folks we need a miracle. Get on your face and pray like your country is about to be in Anti-Christ bondage tomorrow.

And look, if the latest initiative of the enemy is to make every class of citizen outraged with the next, and especially with government, then maybe we ought to do the opposite. Let’s pray blessing upon our representatives. Let’s pray health, wisdom and good counsel.

2 thoughts on “The problem with the country may be the blame game itself!

  1. Dino Enco

    Citizens have lost hope, they all know about the country’s situation and are just waiting for it to get worse. We need to take action now! The accumulation of little things can make a big difference in the long run. People tend to wait for “the right time” to do something, to make an impact. This time has come, its today! you can start by making random acts of kindness, making someone smile, helping the unfortunate, put an extra effort at work as if your salary was doubled, Eat at home, exercise , count your blessings, buy local products, volunteer, think of things that keep you motivated, stay calm and hope that everything will change. Understand that greed is a terrible thing, and keep in mind that in order for an individual to survive, his/her community has to stay balanced

  2. greatshalom

    Thanks Dino Enco, for your input. Yes, most of this has been exactly the Christian message. Lots of people talk about giving back. Jesus led in giving everything. His message was “repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Exactly so. Turn around from going your own small way. Instead, grab ahold of the kingdom/administration/culture of love.

    Here at Great Shalom, we are mostly interested in encouraging parents to have hope and faith for their children with learning disabilities. Have you got thoughts on this?


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