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GSB will continue to be a resource encouraging faith for healing especially around learning issues for a little while more. This site will be an index to our materials as long as it can be supported. I continue to be available for speaking and praying for your/children’s needs. However, it seems that the need has shifted. There is less felt need for help for learning problems, largely because academic standards have lowered so dramatically in the United States (contrary to perception).  It is also possible that more people know about healing, faith, and how to help and prevent learning disabilities. It is more likely that those who need help are now more focused on their entire family sinking into poverty, so there is less cry for help with children’s learning problems.

My deployment is shifting toward 1 ) working on the foundational spiritual problems and 2) addressing the lowering of academic achievement due to poverty and policy.  I will be doing more writing in the near future. Some of this will be posted as blogs: here for the more spiritual, on for professional educators, and will continue to carry my books. I still tutor and for that see (which still dreams of planting after school tutoring centers in churches near elementary schools. Ask for a paket of plans and I will send it to you or help you start one.)

I have been consulting for daycare owners and directors and doing training in the early childhood industry. This has proven to be a non-profit ministry also because the government both tightly regulates and competes against small business trainers. They offer training for free — sometimes even of reasonable quality. In this way, they shut out the best training; only the highest SES/most educated churches will invest in the more expensive training. I am still available.  I still dream of a teachers’ college here and abroad. So much can be done for relatively so little money, and with relatively so little effort. Everywhere we are training pastors overseas, we ought to be training teachers too. In this way we could change nations quickly. Here there are many who would like to serve more; we need training and especially in Spanish.

In a time when we are realizing that governments have grossly overspent, and their public programs have fallen short, there is an movement amongst affluent believers to attempt to address social problems. Research is just now beginning to peep beyond the anti-Christian spell that bound it. Both these impetus must grown quickly, and support one another in order to address our crying needs for educating our children. Without it, our nation will crumble.

The foundation upon which our nation was built is on fire; it was that that caused so many of the fires in the various sectors of our society. Activists sought to stamp out one or another fire depending upon which room of the house they were in. Now we see that the entire structure is in dire jeopardy.  If the foundation is on fire, the flooring structure has been eaten.  Everything in a society depends upon the education of the young to pass on culture. Our public education system has failed, our early education system has  been taken over by the covert, dark and perverse forces, and this rot is now eating into higher education, with pressure to pass students through by further lowering academic standards. If this were not serious enough, we have now for at least 40 years been teaching history skewed enough to be called false. Further, there is a rise in the increase of outright discrimination and teaching of prejudice against Christians and Christianity in general.

I have been persecuted in employment twice due to this broadcast. I have struggled with doubt given the smallness of support I received for it. However, I do remember that I asked to be a profitable servant. It is because of shift of deployment by the Lord, that GSB is not aired – at least in the same way. I felt I should let you know.

Thanks so very much to my supporters. A few really gave a great deal. Thanks to my board and my interecssors. Thanks to all my subscribers. We had about 4,000 podcast subscribers. Thanks to all my listeners, everywhere, and especially to those who corresponded with me. Bless you all, and may you and your children increase.

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