Teaching Civics and Learning Problems

We need to teach civics, that is, how to be a good citizen/provide servant leadership in our society. Yet, children with “learning disabilities” have a hard time with higher order thinking. Often they are easily snookered. Often they are taken out of social studies. Thus, there is a special need to be especially careful with their civics training. They will be citizens. Let’s help them be good ones.

However, we find that in public school, the civics training is often poor at best. So, every parent needs to take civics education into their own hands.  Train noticing definitions. Train good logic. Find good resources. Take children into real life situations: take them to the polls with you, visit state legislatures and national monuments.

If possible, enroll them in programs like Patriot Academy that enable students to grasp the reality of the legislative process.  Impress upon students an accurate view of how the government is organized, the philosophy upon which it is based, and how they should engage with it.

We are in a serious time. It is time to be informed and equipped so we are not all snookered .. and in the end, oppressed.


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