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New? therapy for food sensitivities?

I have mixed feelings when I read articles like this. For one thing, the idea is hardly new. There have been sublinqual therapies out similar to this for years. In fact, although I don’t understand it, homeopathy works on this principle. For another thing, there is so much not discussed, and a few things intimated that it really spreads alarming misconceptions.

Wouldn’t most young moms read this, think we have a new therapy, rush off to demand this of their doctor? So is this just more covert than say, ads for the purple pill or clips on the news made by drug companies?
Parents’ Magazine report some progress in researching food allergies and sensitivities. I am all for research.

Many people don’t have a real grasp of what good research is. What is bogus and what is real? How far do reported claims go?
This gets exacerbated when the news media pass on drug company pr. Or when professionals like nurses or teachers start urging people to take this or that pill.


Some therapies to reduce allergies are not new. It is great that there is continued research. Indeed, I have agreed with a researcher interviewed on my show who just wanted some safety testing – research — on immunizations.

In a parents magazine, it is great to read about research. But then, let’s really read about research. What are the Ns? What was the hypothesis? What is the level of known knowledge? What has been learned this time? If we don’t hear these things, then we are not reading about research.

And since most people reading a parents magazine are parents, not researchers, then maybe a more helpful article would be about mom level protocols, prevention, and what to look for and how to helpfully interface with wellness professionals.

But that would not gain nearly so much money for drug companies, or advertisers.

So it depends upon the reader to be a critical consumer of advertising or er… purported information.

I know my listeners are critical. Sometimes they don’t like mom level protocols. Perhaps it challenges preconceived notions. Perhaps it puts the responsibility on them. I don’t know. I do know that there is a need for this kind of information. And so that is why I work so hard at such cost to myself and family to provide it to you. Free of charge.

But nothing is free. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Support is needed. Life is a team sport.