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Last night at a Matt Sorger conference in San Antonio, hosted by the Healing Rooms on San Pedro, guess what he preached on? “It is finished.” I had to check to see when my message on “it is finished” was loaded. Hahaha. Already played. Well of course, it is not a competition. It is just fun how Holy Spirit works. Bro. Matt talked about John 5 healing lingering chronic issues, and Colossians glory within, and Isiah 60:1 –so get up.

As I was driving into San Antonio, someone whom I did not recognize was preaching Matthew 11:28 on the radio, parsing each word, with clear diction, offering salvation to everyone. I asked the Lord to teach me more about rest. Guess what Matt talked about? Yes, Matthew 11:28. Come to me all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” do you feel like you are carrying a great load? Sometimes I have. Being a mother and a worker is enough, but being a matriarch and a professional and a servant of the church is more. What are you carrying? Bro. Matt reminded us how we have Christ within. We can live from victory, not fight for it. Remember, we have authority. Remember?

I remember when I was 14 and read a book entitled “The Authority of the Believer.” How did I get the impression that spiritual authority applied in special demon casting out sessions or in special conferences and not in everyday life? No! if you are a mother, then you have an anointing for mothering. If not, then press into Jesus and get it.

Okay, so what is this pressing in? Spend time with Jesus. I know that in the business you can’t find the time. Just do it. I know that in the discouragement that is the last thing you feel like doing. Just do it. That is the pressing part. If you press olives, oil comes out. If you press into Jesus, love and anointing comes out.

Then when you live this sort of life, miracles happen. Yes, press in by having a discipline of rest and pray. But more than that, go all the way to anointing and live from victory.

Looks like this week the ‘cast that is up is about partnering. Guess what, yes, we are hearing about that too. No, it is not just a gimmick to circulate money. As good as circulating money is, passing on anointing is better. I want to get lit from people who are on fire in their areaof speical anointing; I want to learn from leaders. Where I have special anointing, I want to share that. It is God’s way of leadership — spread it around.

Mothering Matters

Just heard an interview concerning improving public education. The expert opined that we need to take an intergenerational approach. If society does not begin to see investment in education as a primary, central, integral initiative, the country will lose its place int he world. No longer will America be the leader, if her children continue to be neglected.

“So do we need a bailout of education?” the interviewer asked. “No, we need investment by more than the government. We need education to be the primary issue for the whole society.”

I would urge even larger. We as a society need to return to having a passion for parenting. Rather than spending our grandchildren’s money, we need to leave them an inheritance. The inheritance of character and faith, of useful knowledge and godly wisdom is the most important inheritance. No funding plan can be this big.

Yes, let’s pray for our political leaders who are struggling to figure out how to make money that is not there stretch over all the budgetary needs. Yes, let’s get serious about praying for educators. But let’s Us be sure WE are covering all our responsiblities.

Have we saved money for our children? Have we taught them how to chose a spouse? Be an adult? Learn?

No other job is as important to the survival of the human species as is mothering! No calling may be more vital to the Kingdom than parenting.