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Emotional connections build better brains too

Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk said:
“What is the connected baby? “Babies arrive already connected to other people. That’s what a range of sciences is now telling us: that they have brains already tuned in to other people’s body rhythms and vocal tones and movements. It makes them much more communicative and sophisticated than we often realise. In fact, it turns out that their very brain pathways are shaped by the kinds of responses that they receive from other people. “So, to build the kind of society that we all want, we need to pay more attention to the way that we relate to our youngest children. I guess you could say that science is helping us to understand why it is that the way we love our children matters so much.”

Check out the vid at http://mothering.com/all-things-mothering/mothering/the-connected-baby-a-film-conversation-an-exclusive-streaming-event

and my comment there.
What are yours? How can we teach love? Our community is supposed to be about that. There is even a Biblical mandate for older women to teach younger women how to love… well I think it says husbands, but today really, why not children? What do you say about this?

How did you learn to love your baby? What would be your tips? Thanks!