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Leadering millenials to leadership

Was away last week at a ministerial conference. Great time to pull away and focus on the Lord.
The weekend before I got a chance to read the book, The Shaping of Things to Come, which some stimulating and disturbing things to say about how congregations should be arranged. Delightfully, got a chance to discuss this with colleagues at the conference. (Would be delighted to discuss this with you.)
On the way back, praying about a congregation in Austin, I heard from the Lord. I have the commission to train leadership for the millennium.

This means that I am looking for young people, who want to learn leadership, to serve Jesus through servant leadership, that impacts the wider community.

Do you see? This is not about starting another “bless me” club. This is not about feathering another inward looking nest. This is about forming a community that will actually DO SOMETHING — something that will truly, really, measurable, greatly help everyone.

And right away, service is rewarded with learning leadership. I think this is a good deal. I’m excited about the Lord’s plans in this.