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Teachers Face Stress


This article, from the UK, underlines how stressed out teachers are. They are stressed in the US too. I am meeting more and more retired teachers who are angry and bitter — due to unreasonable policies and unmannerly students. As a parent I was baffled by what appeared to be lack of work and total hostility to the children. I did not fully realize the pressures from the bureaucratic system. I did not understand how to properly motivate the teacher to do the work needed. Because I was going out for ministry, my child was stuck in public school — while all my friends and peers put their children in private school. I was frustrated because we were falling farther behind.

Today, with better revelation, I see that pushing, mandates, and anger really are not working. I believe what will work to change the situation is the Word of God. Notice how nothing else holds up high standards AND gives the grace & joy to meet them.

Teachers need comfort, I know. Education needs improvement – wow do I know. There need to be some revelatory insights for improvement. While it is clearly not politically correct — I think I have found the source of the answer.

We are seeing a rising up of new leadership. Let’s continue to seed, and to water. We will then have a harvest of better fruit.