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Get kids in school earlier?

Art Rolnich of the Federal Reserve has said that the highest ROI is in the education of young children. I heard the superintendent of the local urban area school district apply that to mean that we need to get kids into public school at 4 , at 3, as early as possible. What do you say about that?

I would start by saying that Rolnick says “you have to do it early and you have to do it right.” Since the afore-unmentioned public school district has long had statistics that suggest that the long a student stays in their district the farther below the national average they fall, I do NOT think that expanding to earlier years would be a good investment. (Apologies to the currect superintendent who indeed is addressing the issues and working on those scores.)

Secondly, is public school, or any school really “doing it right” in terms of ideal early childhood education?