Streaming up! woohoo! Thanks to

Hey! My friends told me about It is really a great service. Every church and most consultants want to get theier message out there and this is a great way. Even a non-techie like me can get it to work.

For now, folks, you will find my testimony that I start all new channels is up to stream. I have plans to increase that to a library of ondemand. We have plans to update the website and an embeded player will be built into the page, whereas now it is a click through.

When we include visual, we can go live streaming. Wouldn’t that be great? A live Net TV Broadcast? I know you all want it. All my tech savy friends in Austin have been telling me I need visual.

Oh, it is great. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Wayne Coleman and the folks at

Tell your friends who need the service.

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