Revelation on Riots

The news this morning is that not only are their peaceful protests in Ferguson, but also burning cars and looted shops, and riots are spreading across the country. STOP. THINK.

If you want to protest a controllist government, this will not help, but hurt. They will come out with more violence than you can muster and put you in prison or all of us in martial law.

Here is the revelation. It is a shmita year and a year of war. What that means is under the Hebrew calendar, this would be a year of seven year rest, when farmers did not plant. But there is also some symbolism of war. How do you rest and go to war? Answer: you war BY resting.

Right. When “the enemy’s” plan is to wear you out, then you rest. HA! We are so bombarded by garbage information that we might fail to notice something very important. Fast from all but necessary media. We are so worn out by robotic type work that we might forget to think about important strategy. Cut your work hours to agreed upon and necessary. Take breaks to think about what you are doing. Most importantly, don’t work so much that you sacrifice your time communing with God. God is the One who can “see around the corners.” Be sure you take your prayer, meditation, and Bible reading time.

Remember that God always had a strategy for David.

Today we are not in a time and place where literal fighting with our literal government is appropriate. Romans 13. “War” by prayer, service, and leadership. Continue to stand in faith. Continue to believe for your children, our children, all out children.

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