Prayer of Great Shalom — the brochure

Folks, I made a brochure many years ago called “Prayer of Great Shalom.” This is a brochure… on… and meant for you to download for free. However, if you want it hardcopy, it costs Lulu about $5.00 to print it and mail it — even though it is so short. However, today I noticed that some joker is selling this brochure for something like $30 on Amazon. Well, take you pick. Just notice, that *I* did not do this. Someone may be very surprised to pay a price like a book and get a brochure. Amazon is not going to look out for you, and while the rating system OUGHT TO WORK… well you know it can be spoofed and bent.

I try very hard to help you. I make nothing off this product; it is not possible for me to make money on this product given the way I set it up. Therefore, I am very worried that when someone is scammed they will blame me. Please help me by being a smart purchaser, knowing your vendor, and sharing with others. Thanks very much.

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