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Below I have posted a graduation announcement for a college I support in India. Let’s remember our graduates at this time of year, yes?

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Join close to 3,000 seminary alumni in prayer and intercession for India

Dear Partner,

Every COTR Seminary graduation is a celebration of God’s love for India’s people and His faithfulness to answer your and my prayers – and those of countless saints who’ve gone on before us – to raise up men and women who’ll go boldly into the harvest fields.

Each graduation is also a season of prayer for Him to send more laborers into the harvest by continuing the work of COTR Seminary and the New Testament Church of India (CFI’s church network).

But this year’s graduation celebration is extra special because this year marks the 35th year of the seminary’s work of training Christian pastors and laymen in India.

And because of the occasion’s magnitude, nearly 3,000 COTR alumni have been invited to return to the campus from their ministry posts all over India to celebrate and to pray for God’s continued favor and guidance.

That’s why I’m asking for your prayers today for this special combined event of our NTC Pastors conference and COTR Graduation ceremonies to be held on February 22 – 25th.

1. Pray for safe travels for each alumnus and NTC pastor.
Almost all of them will be traveling from far away. Most of them do not own a car and will be traveling the many miles on foot or by public transportation. The dangers of traveling like this are too many to count, so please pray for their safe arrival.

2. Pray for an outpouring of funds to pay for their travel expenses.
COTR alumni go on to be NTC church planters and then pastors in remote, poor areas of India. They serve the lowest and most forgotten people of India selflessly, and at great personal cost.

Not having the money to travel, many of them will be forced to borrow money to come. CFI makes a point to reimburse these men and women of God for their travel expenses as a practical matter and as a way to show them God’s love.

And if you feel lead to give to help these pastors and missionaries make it to the celebration, I’d be so grateful for your gift.

It costs approximately $75 – $100 for each minister to get here.

So I truly appreciate your giving to help bring these brothers and sisters here and provide meals and accommodations for the 4 days they are on the main training campus.

Again, thank you for your fervent prayers and kind support for these missionaries in India!

For India and her people,

Jameson Titus
CEO & President

P.S. If you wish to come to the ceremony and pray for our graduates, we would be happy to receive you and help you make the arrangements! Please contact us at today.

Christ for India | 1-800-934-0380 | |

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