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We are taking down posts regarding covid-19 and “the vaccines.” Diligent search online should reveal sufficient information. Look for Dr.Tenpenny, Dr. Kelly Victory, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Frontline Doctors suit, Check the News, Epoch Times, FrankSpeech, and so forth.

It has been reported on FrankSpeech that the current federal administration has determined that anyone who questions (questions, mind you) the “vaccines”, the integrity of the last election, or makes 9/11 a religious holiday is to be regarded as a terrorist. Of course, this podcast has never entered into politics whatsoever. While is it not clear to me what is meant on the 3rd item, the other two are clear enough. Questioning is now a crime to such a degree that due process will go out the window. That in itself is very instructive. We do hope the best health and safety of all children. And we pray for our nation. Indeed, we pray for those who persecute.

I am sure that you are familiar with the pervasive censorship and targeting of info on these item,s and often simply Christianity itself, by the tech giants. You may remember during the Obama administration that the IRS was used to target certain non-profit groups seeking a 501(c)3. It appears that this targeting was not limited to groups. We may be seeing the same at this time. Further, given recent events in Afghanistan, it seems likely that targeting of any Christian’s life is deemed appropriate.

I will give my life for witness to Jesus Christ, but in this instance, given the cost benefit ratio and the model offered by my ecclesiastical superiors, we are pulling our posts. I am very sad about this. I have stood for Truth many times, at great cost. Just felt like this time, prudence was in order. THINK ABOUT IT. Keep your children safe. And all your family, for that matter.

i do hope the current government and the Lord will be sufficiently satisfied.

May the Lord bless us all.

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