Pick Who You Listen To – Take Responsiblity for Your Health

A soldier said, “These couple of guys I would go to war with. Most of these other guys I wouldn’t go to the convenience store with.”  If this is true in the military, how much more in everyday life.

As a mother, you are responsible for your family’s health. So how do you pick out which “healthcare” provider you will use?  Are they knowledgeable? Honest? Caring? Cost effective?  Or do you even consider these questions, since after all “we are the doctors.”

Someone just pulled this one on me. Sure enough, he was more knowledgeable than the last 7 or so I’ve seen; at least he knew that his discipline did have peer reviewed journals. However, it was evident he hasn’t read any in the last say 30 years.  Ah, well, he’s not over 40.

I think it is a reasonable expectation on my part that medical industry advisors know at least a little about what they are talking about, but unfortunately they are brainwashed into “standard of care” and mantras of prejudice in their training colleges, so unless they on their own seek our scientific continuing education, they continue to do harm to the health of the public.

I have had some of those rare doctors who do this as guests on my show. One of them spent his time before the show with me discussing the tendency of medical school to brainwash students and their debt to hold them down to “standard of care” norms, and prevent them from searching out truth.  By contrast, when patients came to him, with cutting edge knowledge, he let it push him toward reading the literature. Now he is the leading doctor for women’s hormones. Most doctors would just dismiss anything they don’t already know as a bunch of foolishness.  This is very dangerous when the general public knows more about general health than the typical physician or dentist.

Every young woman should make it her mission in life to research “doctor mom” information. Learn how to tell if something is scientific or “scientisitic,” conventional, and lies based on pecuniary interest.  Learn how to separate kind looking demeanor from horrificly wrong “treatments.”  Learn to be tactful (or you will be hurt, no matter how much you mean to be giving.)  Learn to be assertive. You are responsible for your health and your family’s health.  You are responsible for your family’s wealth.   Learn to be wise.

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