Open Ears as We Plan 2019

This episode let’s you see the back side of the embroidery a bit. I request feedback on what you all would like to hear: more prayer or more science. it is all about overcoming problems children have. Mostly learning problems, but everything is connected to everything.

I watch the stats and see what has been popular and am working on giving you all more of that. Also, my visits with the young mothers I am most connected to reveal cutting edge needs to be addressed. But maybe there is something you are looking for you are not finding? Or have questions? Please write! or Great Shalom Broadcast P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78613. Or just leave a reply below.

Apologies for late posting of the audio, but having some technical difficulties. We are working with our providers and of course everything is slowed down by the holiday schedule. Should be resolved quickly. As has been said, “Stay tuned>”

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