Omega-3 and GLA vs. Autism

Sarah Keim, PhD, reported in the Journal of Nutrition, has found potential protective effect for of fatty acids for Autism Spectrum Disorder, especially those born pre-term. She conducted at 90 trial of supplementation on 31 children born prematurely and found that EPA, GLA, and DHA seemed to have a significant reduction in symptoms classed as Autism Spectrum Disorder. Supplementation was given of 338 mg of EPA, 225 of DHA and 83 of GLA. Researches think that this is because these fatty acids decrease neuro-inflammation. As in all studies, more remains to be discovered. However, this is great news because many other treatments tried on this population carried the risk of side effects.

From my perspective this is great news for more reasons. 1) We knew that these fatty acids were helpful in cognition and brain development, yet we also knew that the low fat diet, urged upon us without scientific basis was often deficient in these nutrients. Now mothers will be empowered, once again, to contribute what they can in terms of better cooking. 2) Supplementation is far less expensive than some other possible treatments. 3) This is further movement of science, and thus it is to be hoped eventually medicine, in a more healthful and helpful direction.

J Nutr. 2018 Feb1;148(2):227-235

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