New Ways to Subscribe

We have been working on giving you new ways to subscribe – whether to the podcast or to the blog posts. For new choices look down the right hand column.

The most exciting is that you may now subscribe BY CATEGORY. There will be 4 categories from which to select: Bible/Teaching/Faith, Practical Health Measures, Innovative Education, and Grandparent Generation. All other categories are for searching purposes only, and not for subscriptions.

Analyzing the statistics, I discovered that some of you like the Bible/Faith/prayer portion and others need the innovative health and education portion. I also have many friends of the grandparent generation who want health and miracle content, but not anything aimed at children. Now it is all possible. Just subscribe to those you want. This will work for only future posts, however, as the category tagging system in place up until now had many overlaps. For the few larger categories used for this, we will be forced not to overlap so that subscribers are not given the same casts multiple times. However, we will continue to use the older tagging system so that you can find posts in the WordPress search.

Please notice that every cast will be in one of these categories. Because one cast might be in 2 categories, a dilemma arises. Either someone might miss a cast they are interested in OR some people may end up with a duplicate cast. I will leave the decision to you. I will try to categorize them mostly by selecting only 1 category. So then, please select the categories you want but please realize that you may need to simply delete any duplicate. Thanks.

Please let us know what is and is not working for you so that we can make the best tech updates that we can.

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