Many apologies, but I must change my email address, at least for now. So as of October 7, 2015, please reach me at (removing the NOSPAM manually.)  This change is necessary because someone has hacked this email address and is sending out spam, so in order to stay on the right side of the spam laws, I have changed my address.  I really apologize; I realize that all the old broadcast use another address, I hope we foil the attackers. I hope the tech folks figure out how to prevent this sort of dishonesty.

Please do let me hear from you. Sorry, not much new material. I’m resting.

I also realize that some of the old ‘casts are inaccessible.  My gracious online host updated their system and we have not been able yet to update all the links. Please do let me know if you are or have a tech person that could help the ministry. Thanks very much.

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