Natalie M Suspended Over Blog re: Rude Students  Pennsylvania English teacher suspended over personal blog discussing in a general way, and in a tongue and cheek way, the lack of comportment and academic application (rude, unengaged, demanding, sense of entitlement) of her students. What do you think?

Was this inappropriate? Was this so inappropriate that she should be suspended or fired? Or is this problem so pervasive that it demands a thorough self-assessment by the community? Is the reaction itself (see comments by student who agrees this is how students act and yet says it was inappropriate) a reflectionof the problem?  What do you think? What do you think can be done to improve the situation?

One thought on “Natalie M Suspended Over Blog re: Rude Students

  1. greatshalom

    Gathered comments ranged from
    “I keep telling my children not to post petty comments because their future employers will see them.”
    “I figure that the student who objected to their teacher’s comments were admitting and advertising that it was them who acted so badly.”
    “I had a typing teacher who bullied me once. My mother went up and scared her half to death.”
    “The problem in this story is the lack of leadership in the Feasterville school administration. They should back their teacher and set some boundaries on their students. Now they are demonstrating that boundaries apply only to teachers and none to students. Apparently even non-existent boundaries.”

    Apparently thought provoking situation. Your comments?


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