More information on American Founding Fathers

I have discovered outright lies being taught about the founding of this nation. GSB deals with those on the broadcasts of 6/24 and 7/1. And what do you know! I discovered that someone else has noticed these. So for more information on these topics, please see these books and DVDs:

(I apologize for the look of these links, but they do work. Please send some money for a more professional website. For now, working with a free service.)

<a href="http://” title=”The Jefferson Lies by David Barton”>The Jefferson Lies by David Barton

<a href="http://” title=”Separation of Church and State by David Barton” target=”_blank”>Separation of Church and State by David Barton

<a href="http://” title=”Original Intent” target=”_blank”>Original Intent by David Barton

<a href="http://” title=”American Heritage Series by David Barton” target=”_blank”>American Heritage Series by David Barton

<a href="http://” title=”Four Centures of American Education by David Barton” target=”_blank”>Four Centuries of American Education by David Barton

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