Love is healing

Love is very healing.

For instance, studies show that women with breast cancer are more likely to get well if they are in support groups.  The scientists concluded that getting the women to open up and share their feelings was what did it.  I think  that is the wrong conclusion.  We all know that complaining is not healing.  No, what was healing is that these women felt supported.  They had new love in their lives.

I think that love is very healing in learning problems too.  You can just see a child blossom when they come into a situation of feeling loved.  You see this with children where family situations have been poor. You see this with students brought into the influence of a great teacher.

Learning and social problems are so heartbreaking. Particularly in families that are achievement oriented. So parents in this case need an infusion of God’s love. Fortunately it is abundantly available.

Of course families that are not achievement oriented may be in even greater need.  They need to be encouraged that they too can excel. That God loves them.  That God wants the best for them, too, not just a few rich people on the earth.  Fortunately the word is out on that, too.

That is what this ministry is all about.  We want to send out the love.  We want to send out the good news.

Of course, we want to preach it everywhere we can.  I am grateful for the ability to be on what “air” channels we are, that podcasting is going out to so many, and that we can blog like this. Thank you to all the providers of these wonderful, and inexpensive services!  Thank you to those who supported us on local radio, too.

We also want to demonstrate God’s love. We offer to pray for/with any who request prayer. Just let us know.  We send a newsletter to any who desire it. We pray for our listeners and partners daily.  We speak and teach wherever we can. We are so happy to share what we have, to sow the seed we have.

Every teacher knows that learning is not complete until the student puts what is taught to active use.  So as all ministries must, we also offer the opportunity for you to participate in sowing, sharing.  You know, it is abundantly clear that we are not all about money. We are giving away what we have for free, and you have freely partaken of it. We are supernaturally blessed as we walk in faith and love. We are showing you how. You are invited to walk this way also.

It is important that you communicate with us.  Tell us that you hear the broadcast.  Share your questions with us. If you feel that this is a worthwhile endeavor, to encourage parents and educators toward the healing, health, achievement of their children — or if you are so led of Holy Spirit — then you may contribute.  You may contribute, securely, on-line at or you may write us at P.O.Box 871 Cedar Park, Texas 78613.   Please, participate in circulating the Love.

God wants total well-being for all children.  You have the power to please God by participating in that project.  Thank you very much.

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