Info on Texas Vax Mandates

Look, folks, I curate this for you, at great cost to myself, without any feedback from you all. Do you enjoy this? Use this? Find it valuable? If so, you need to contact me, thank me, donate to the cause, share, buy stuff, and ask me to speak. Otherwise, look folks, I need to move on.

Early on, it seemed that most did not know. Now, while apparently some still do not know, anyone could find out. So, now, I am not saving lives so much as giving convenience to latecomers. But I have lots of things to do. Should I be doing this? Is it worthwhile to you?

This is from Texans For Vaccine Choice, links to form for exemptions.

News article from reputable source about Texas fight for medical freedom:

Further conversation about how the statistics stand on “safe, effective” versus “clot shot” and “death jab.”

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