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Dear Ms. Sarles,

In America, various industries have close ties to government regulators.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most notable and most troubling.

Last year alone, “Big Pharma” spent over $373 million on lobbying—much more than any other industry.

While the Constitution certainly protects the rights to free speech and to petition the government, it was never intended to grant the special privileges that are characteristic of today’s bureaucratic, administrative state.

In addition, Big Pharma’s reputation has come under attack in the wake of America’s opioid epidemic—since 1999, more than 600,000 people have died from opioid overdoses in the U.S. and Canada alone—and the COVID pandemic.

Given these current controversies, we decided to host a conference to consider the rise of Big Pharma, its role in the declining state of American health, and ideas for reform.

The result is a free online video series that reveals the truth about Big Pharma.

When you watch this free video series, you’ll learn about the collaboration between the federal government and pharmaceutical companies, the content of the “Pfizer documents,” and the origins of Big Pharma and the opioid epidemic.

You’ll also gain valuable insights into Anthony Fauci and the public health establishment from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

You can receive instant access to this free video series right now using this secure link:


We filmed the series at a recent Center for Constructive Alternatives conference on the Hillsdale campus. You will not have to watch for long to discover why it was one of our most popular and well-attended events.

Please use the secure link above to receive your Big Pharma video series. When you complete the form, we will email you the series so you can watch it immediately.

Warm regards,

Larry P. Arnn

President, Hillsdale College

Pursuing Truth and Defending Liberty Since 1844

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