GSB reaching more and more people

Just going over the statistics for GSB and I’m really surprised. I did not realize how many people we are reaching. Of course, I can not know how many we are reaching through broadcasting if they do not write or respond. However, via the podcast, I do have statistics! They are better than I had realized. Of course, since we have offered the ‘cast on podcasting, the numbers have fluctuated, often more when we we paying more to be on another (FM) station. This month I took the plunge to pay for an upgrade service. One of the benefits is to have better and more statistical reporting. This morning I discovered that right now GSB has about 10 people every day subscribing. We have had, documented, more than 2005 subscribers! Glory to God! Such an encouragement.

Above is a player. See how you like it. The advantage of subscribe to the podcast is that it is automatically delivered to you. Broadcasting on a channel requires the listener to “tune in” at a specific time — but also allows people interested in similar ‘casts to find GSB. Copies of the ‘cast are available on the website, also — so please tell people about the website.

Thanks for listening. Please let me know you are out there and how much you enjoy GSB. It is such an encouragement. Blessings upon you and upon your children.

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