Great Up-rising

Can’t pretend to have any inside info on the demonstrations in Egypt. We are all watching. We all know it is important.We pray it goes well for everyone.

Besides being important for the balance of stability and friendships in the Middle East, it seems that maybe it is important because demonstrations in the street, rather than guns are changing a government. Peaceful transitions, good for everyone, are certainly to be hoped for.  War is a destroyer, not just of people, but also of economies.

Notice also the word “uprising.”  How different it would be if it were “up-rising.”  We should all be working on “up-rising.”  Are we improving our ethical level?  Are we for “general uplift” the Gandhian concept of economic development of the whole people. Are we active in promoted the increasing extensivity and intensivity of Love?  Let’s have more of that kind of up-rising.

Peace upon Jerusalem, Cairo, Alexandria,  — and wherever you are, too.

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