Great shalom in education for yours and for others

Last week we had Jenifer Price of on how she helps families get their students into college and careers. We had a great response to this ‘cast. Thanks, Jenifer!

This week we have an episode on how to pick a private school. Yes, while everyone is thinking about Christmas, affluent families are picking out school for next school year (September in the United States.)

Next week we will have Jameson Titus talking about a mission work in India including an orphanage, schools, a seminary run to U.S. standards, vocational college for women and a retirement center for pastor’s wives. It is a wonderful mission, and legacy of the Titus family. Please see They have a Christmas catalog, so that at any giving level, one can pick out a specific donation for a gift. Perhaps you could give a cow so that children will have milk, perhaps you could support a doctor for a month, or perhaps your children could buy school supplies or a Bible for a child in one of their schools.

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