Great Shalom for Grandparents Too

The Great Shalom Broadcast has been sharing healing and health ideas for several years. We have always focused on children. Recently we have been sharing more about character formation. We are pleased to be in podcasting form again — and hope to expand.

However, we are having so many opportunities to share about health and healing for the grandparent generation, that we are considering starting a new podcast : Great Shalom for Grands  or GSB4G.

It hurts my heart that there is so much unnecessary brain function loss and such horrible rates of dementia, diabetes, and arthritis and other problems that are largely unnecessary. Every day more scientific evidence comes across my desk. Yet so many are suffering. I would enjoy being a conduit of this healing information. Just as we know we should pray, but not how to; we know we should take care of the temple, but not how to.  And furthermore, there is increasing evidence, just as I suspected, that the spiritual and the practical are connected.

What say you? Would you like to have a new GSB channel? Would you subscribe to a podcast? Would you support such a venture? Share to older friends and relatives? Please let me know. Thanks.  Sharon

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