God both all good and all powerful

God can’t be both omnipotent and good? This is not the dilemma it seems. God is not in charge of the world? – learn more on www.greatshalom.org

This is the challenge that some philosophy professors pose. What is the answer? Do you know? Does your child know? You should!

God IS all good. God IS all powerful. There IS a lot of evil in the world. How can this be? Because God turned the dominion or management of the earth over to humans. Take a look in Genesis 1:26-28 and in Psalms 115.

It is just like parents who give their child money for college. They are not somehow then responsible for the child’s grades.

They might be willing to help, if the child asked. Hey, folks, I need a tutor! Okay!

That is like God. And if you had a good and powerful parent, wouldn’t it be a good idea to consult with them and listen to what they had to say?

Hear more about this on this week’s episode. If you missed it on Word of Faith Radio, check out the player.

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