Doctors’ Coalition Speaks From Rome (American, non-religious)

“We are trying to save the patients of the world. That is what we are trying to do.”
Starts about 2 minutes into broadcast.

Note: In the US, the federal government says that no one must discuss the science around covid and we must not discuss the facts around potential election fraud; if we do, we are terrorists. Very concerning.

Also, I do not hear Christian leaders stepping up to give guidance. Indeed. locally, I am shocked and appalled at the ignorance and irresponsibility — at this late date! For instance, in Sunday School, in a class full of retired professional clergy, a woman said, “Someone told me that the Federal Guard has been called out to [Name of local hospital.} Would you believe that? Would you let your wife for friend say such a thing in class? Do you know that according to official statistics, the death rate is lower now than it has ever been from void-19?

Also, yes, highest in the most vaxxed countries, such as Israel. Someone tried to say that and was stared down.

“Why is Dr. F* not paying attention to science? ” asks Dr. Cole. Why aren’t pentecostal ministers paying attention to their normal reading of Bible and Spirit?

O Lord help us.

PS. Other doctors weigh in: Don’t Get boosters (and btw, we are resigning from the FDA.)

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