Covid-19 Facts

We have heard far far too much on this subject, but most people are still listening to false sources, and anything new they write off as “opinion” or as “conspiracy theory.” This shows the serious lack in general education if nothing more.

Here are some rather indisuputable facts. As insufficient or corrupt as the data may be, still, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is the go-to source of data. Here is what they say: To date of publication: 157K deaths in the US attributed to Covid-19 (altho indisputably somewhat inflated. Hospitals and states were getting paid more for covid deaths, so many were attributed — included George Floyd, for example. )

For comparison sake, here is some history:

1918 Flu 675K deaths in US
1957 H2N2 116K
1968 Avian flu maybe 100K
2009 H1N1 12,469

Predicted was 20 million. But at no time have we had an overwhelmed medical plant. All the 20 auxiliary hospitals, set up each at the cost of over $10 Million, none of them had covid-19 patients. New York and New Jersey had a high death rate because patients were forced to go to nursing homes!

BTW, reports here in Texas are the “cases” are inflated at least by 20 times, if not more. Further, I heard a news report that in response to federal attempt to clean up data reporting, 20 states are partnering with…. the Rockefeller Foundation to given statistics.

When you look at or hear statistics, do not pay attention to “identified cases” because 1) at best this number would be based on testing and 2) we have abundant evidence of grossly cooked stats. Instead, look at the RATE of death per population. You would expect a larger country or a larger state to have more raw cases, but the point is what is the rate of death (deaths/population)? It is an open scandal that “news” organizations CONTINUE to obviously try to trick you with such “numbers.”

Today, nearly everyone who dies is over 85 and/or has underlying conditions like diabetes or heart disease. We have numerous options for treatment, unlike the days of Spain and Italy. (And ask why “authorities” deny treatment options that have been known to be save for decades and that are recommended since early on by other countries, and by many American doctors (who are often censored off social media).

To here, all facts. Now, for some reasoning.

I understood the precautions when it looked like Italy and Spain were overwhelmed, but given Farr’s Law that viruses always mutate weaker, I kinda wonder about the obvious political use both here and in other countries. Political use like rather obvious attempt to steal an election, given no real risk of going to the polls in November, and like people starving to death in other countries — starving to death — so that elections and church services can’t be held (some African countries). But not all nations are going along with this. Neither Sweden nor Ghana. But you won’t hear that reported. (Sweden did show up in a news report on PBS pushing chipping for other purposes. Ghana’s President did show up on Youtube on NigeriaTV.) Get news and information beyond the usual sources that are verifiably lying to you. Don’t make decisions based on panic. Time to start thinking.

For this, we shut down our economy. For this, we isolated people, in some cases causing suicides. For this, we attempted to close down churches and ministries. For this, we are rushing an unsafe vaccine. How well does the flu vaccine work? How quickly have we gotten a vaccine for HIV-Aids? How reasonable is it to put hope in a vaccine that will kill people or disable them for life — for something that doesn’t very often kill people?

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