Commercial support of religious broadcasting

In the morning, as I get ready and eat breakfast, I watch a few Bible teaching broadcasts. I notice that there is now a new announcement, put on by the channel (KNVA Warner Bros.) that says “This program is a paid commercial and support by this station is not to be inferred.”

Several questions arise for me:
1) Therefore, am I instructed to infer that filthy programs that air there ARE supported?
2) Why do they call a Bible teaching broadcast a “commercial”? Sure, the ministries (probably all 501(c)3s) pay for the time, but does that make it a commercial? Maybe to a commercial station; maybe that is their classification.
3) So is this word used so that I will increase my distrust for the broadcast? If so, then how much should I trust the channel that really is commercial? Is this not the pot calling the kettle black?
4)Why was this announcement put up NOW, after years of broadcasting it, and after Senator Grassley’s failed attempt at harrassing and discrediting several of the largest broadcast ministries in the country?

What do you say? I say that some broadcasts are great and others not quite so great. Of course the one I watch every morning I think extremely highly of! I think most religious broadcasters are doing the best they know how. It is not cheap nor easy. They are doing it out of devotion, caring, often obedience to God. That COULD be true about commercial interests too. It is a nice feeling when you know people are working all out for your benefit. I look for that kind of business and ministry.

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