Changing Date of Posting

I like the thought of parents and educators starting their week out with The Great Shalom. On one channel we are on Sunday evening. I think of families getting ready for school, mom washing the dishes, the children doing homework, and everyone listening to The Great Shalom. On another channel, we are on Monday morning. I hear that mothers gather together with friends in their living room to listen!

I have always posted the podcasts on Monday morning. Keeping to the strict 10:00 am deadline, given my own duties. It certainly knocks out the possibility of listening on Sunday evening. And now we have streaming on the website. So let’s post the podcast and the streaming before Sunday. So from now on I’ll aim at getting the episode up on Friday. That way it will be up for everyone on Sunday.

It was a good time to start this week. Resurrection Day! It is a good time to go to church, spend with family, and reflect. So it was an especially good time to post ahead.

Please comment, or drop me a line. Especially you podcast subscribers, let me hear from you! Thanks and Blessed Easter to everyone.

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