Change Your Password

I’ve been noticing that there have been an unusual amount of password changes to the registered users of this site. Given the strangeness of this, I worry that it could really be a hacker. The best response is to go and change your password. Everybody.

The people I know who know the most about the internet, IT, and programming are the people whom I know who are the most worried about security. You can not be too careful. Make long passwords with capitals and special characters if possible.

Although, I have no idea what anyone would think they could steal off this site. But I have had people, obviously not very hardworking or intelligent, try to blackmail me. They claimed they had hacked this site. They claimed they saw me watching porn. LOL. Rolling on the floor laughing. So they thought I should be so scared of the dirt (they created in their own mind) that I should send hundreds of dollars to them in their bitcoin account. LOL. The third such demand letter…. was sent to the FBI.

However, bigger ministries are sometimes really annoyed or frightened when someone impersonates them, gets money from followers, or in some other way destroys a reputation. So please be safe and please be wary.

For now, you might want to change your password. Thanks very much.

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