Blessed Resurrection Day

May you have a blessed Resurrection Day. That is more precise than “Happy Easter.” Today I am talking about how to tell which story to believe. And how the Resurrection story connects with your child’s story. It is good. Power that can raise someone from the dead can heal us, raise us up, and give us joy & peace. Believe it!

Check out Isaiah 53, depicting Jesus on the cross. He was one big wound. That was for us. Evil really beat up on him. The Messiah was “cut off from the land of the living.” Ah, but he will see his seed, he will justify many, and he is dividing the spoils with the strong — the strong in faith. Read onto Isiah 54: SING all you who have not borne fruit, who are discouraged, downtrodden, down & out, hopeless, because you are now rescued, healed, and have a covenant that is stronger than the mountains.

And your children too! WOW! That is what it is all about.

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