Why Don’t you Pray?

How about this for a radical idea: pray! LOL Yes, as a response to terrorism, we should pray. (NO, of course not fail to do anything; bless our law enforcement; we mothers and grandmothers should pray! As a response to the crime rate, we should pray. As a response to the failing academic rates, we should pray. As a response to societal troubles, we should pray.

Actually not such a bad idea. You know that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi would get people meditating in a big city and have scientifically measured statistics that the crime rate would go down in that city. Don’t you think prayer would do just as well or better?

And if you don’t think your prayers do any good, then why don’t you go find out how to pray better? So many Christians just make up stories about why God doesn’t answer. Maybe the answer is to learn how to pray! If your computer is not doing what you want, often you check the manual or ask a friend. But computers do sometimes break, while we kinda think that the creator doesn’t. LOL

So, why don’t you set aside some time and pray? Wouldn’t that be a great New Year’s resolution? Maybe you could get together with some girlfriends to pray. Hot coffee, you know. Haha. Even checking in about prayer with your friends on the phone. Don’t tell me you don’t have time to talk on the phone. Spend a coffee break praying instead of jabbering about somebody’s new clothes? Build up a little workplace prayer group.

If MMYogi can change a city, why your prayers to Almighty God can change your workplace, your neighborhood, your city, your nation, and your world. PRAY in 2016. It’s an open door.

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