More help on having faith for your children’s special needs: Sister Sharon’s Books available from

God Wants You Healed Book or ebook (Bible study with testimonies)
Contend (Workbook on how to pray for your children; suitable for group or individual study.)
Legacy (Workbook on leaving a legacy through parenting; suitable for group or individual study)
Don’t Lose you Faith in College, Loose It! book or ebook Give this to your child as he or she goes off the college! Otherwise they are not prepared to beat the professors bent on damaging faith.
How to Win the Game of School (book or ebook (for junior college level students)

1) How to Start a Daycare/Preschool as a Mission (book or ebook) – now available from
2) How Prophets and Pastors can Work Together (book or ebook)– available on

Available only directly from the ministry:

God Wants Healing, Health and Wholeness (3 messages on 1 CD $10.00 postage and shipping paid by the ministry)

Dangerous Times Secrets for Parents and Educators This will make revolutionize your teaching and give your relief in these dangerous days. 11 messages on 4 CDs, in case, $50.00 postage and shipping included.

List of all GSB Audio sets for sale

Answers – Equipping Your Youth with Answers 9 2016 NEW $50.00
Attention Problems in Children 5+ 2011 $20.00
Blessing 14 episodes 2010 30.00
Contend Series 7 part series (how to pray for your children) 2013 25.00
Workbook by that name on
Encouragement, Joy, peace and love 4 2012 10.00
End-time Secrets for parents and Educators 11 parts 50.00
Highly recommended for educators!
Exodus and how to eat or Food Freedom 4 2012 10.00
God Wants 12 – 15 part episodes 2010 on H 30.00
God Wants you Healed. – 3 messages 2009 5.00
also a book by that title on 10.00
How to Leave a Legacy In Your Kids 10 2010 25.00
How to Pick a Good Private School forthcoming
Isaiah 53 (healing) 4 parts 2012 20.00
Jewish Success Secrets 7 pending, please inquire 50.00
July 4 American Heritage 6 part 20.00
bought together with with Modern American Primer 30.00
Lent and Easter 4 10.00
Love loving your kids well and wisely 4+ 2015 20.00
Modern American Primer 1 20.00
Pray in…. Confidence, the Name, Authority, Faith 6 parts 2012 25.00
Self Esteem 4 10.00
Study in Philippians 14 messages including healing 2011 30.00

Please include Shipping/Handling of about $5.00 for every 4 CDs.
If you are in Austin, Texas, please include 8.25% sales tax.

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  1. greatshalom

    I use Opera and recommend it. Looks good (as good as WordPress, free, can be) to me. (Now no longer free version.)
    I work more hours than health permits, and no salary on this. Would take tech help. I am open to Christian volunteers.
    I notice that you url says “killing success” so I doubt you are such a Christian volunteer.
    Again, I have no evidence what you say is even true.


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