Ready to Broadcast Again – With Partners?

The Great Shalom, whether as a broadcast or a blog or a publishing house, seeks to encourage parents and educators. We encourage you to have faith for the success of your child. We continue to have a lot of interest and we would like to serve you. We want to get out information that will support you in your faith for the well-being of your child, both spiritually and practically.

(This is Christian broadcast focused on the needs of children. We are not a Jewish, Messianic, or political a enterprise. We have no malice and only blessings for anyone. We do, however, get a lot of hits and calls for people looking for these things. I just chose “shalom” because there is not English word that covers all that Shalom covers: total well-being.)

We would be delighted to once again record weekly broadcasts and buy air time on radio stations, Christian or secular — when we have funding. WE are in prayer about that, and invite you to pray for us. Until then, I will blog and post files when possible around a full schedule serving children through serving educators. Under the “Listen Now” tab there is a selection of the best of The Great Shalom Broadcast, including testimonies, interviews, and a sampling of our series. Please check under “Sarles” for available books.
For discussion of governmental policies, feel free to enter into discussion at

For teacher training or business consulting or coaching for the professional, go to We are recognized by the State of Texas for ECD training for staff and directors. In business consulting, I specialize in small businesses, churches, and church affiliated schools. Coaching, I specialize in customer service adn time management for salespeople and entrepreneurs. See offerings at

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