Prayer Call!

Perhaps you know that Israel was attacked on Simchat Torah? The latest I know is that the major old line news services have had to apologize for reporting Hamas propaganda(It that israel bombed a hospital. (It was obvious, and yet they reported incorrectly anyway. Now, they have been shown up and are sending out corrections. We should know by now they are no reliable. I have been watching blow by blowup on Amir Tsarfati’s  Behold Israel’s telegram  channel, supplemented with and some Rumble channels. It got to be too much and I started to pray over Amir’s posts. That seem to do it.

Then, I was at a Holy Spirit conference that was sort of good but really troubled me that they didn’t address the nation’s situation. So, what are you doing, prancing around like you are a prophet, but not saying anything about anything important? You are seeking miracles, okay, but to what end?

Guys, I can not emphasize to you how much our nation is in trouble — -quite aside from the obvious World War III hanging in the balance. So, maybe this is the precipice of the Great Tribulation — or not. If so, folks, the church is very much not ready. If not, why go through hell of our own making?

Look guys, stop assuming normalcy. The monetary system, the food system, the medical system, the school system, and the government is worse than you can imagine. So, folks, time to pray. I’ve committed to praying an extra hour after my morning devotionals.

You can pray over Amir’s posts is Israel is your major thing. Or you can pray repentance for this nation — like Daniel did for Israel. Pray for wisdom and good counsel for leaders; pray God direct the heart of the pharaoh. Pray for the pastors that they return to the true way. Pray for the evangelists! Pray for those around you that they might be saved. Pray against the innoculation against the gospel that we have. Pray against the enforced ignorance and pride that has infected our youth. PRAY!

I am asking all my grandmother prayer warriors to pay 4 extra hours a week — that is about an extra hour a day, leaving some out for family and business duties. If you don’t have that, p please devote another 4 hours on Saturday.

If terrorists start in your neighborhood, will you have covered it? Will you be prayed up?

When you find out that your grandchild have to make a life  has been pressured to conform to ungodly sexualization, will you be shocked and paralyzed, or will you have covered them in prayer? When you have to make a life changing decision in a moment’s time, will you be connected to Holy Spirit? PRAY!

We are posting a re-run from 2010, having asked a local prayer leader to come and pray for teachers. We are the teachers today. God help those who are working in government schools.

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