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Rare Neurological Disorder Reported from AstroZeneca “v@x”

Trouble is, many people would not know which “vaccine” they received. Many just got “shot of the day” with no regard for counting the number in sequence or considering the brand.  Why? Maybe because it had nothing at all to do with vaccinations whatsoever.  Then what? Depopulation is the only rational answer I can think of.

Sadly, even still, some don’t know that. A woman, a dear friend, came up to me and a friend who is dying from drugs and the v#x, and chirped that she had had 4 boosters. “They boost your immunity, you know.” Of course, they don’t. No one could rationally claim that. Why would she think that? Sadly, she had health problem a few years ago; wasn’t immunity problems? And outsized number of friends died over the last few years. I expect when we gather next Memorial Day, we will have another Memorium for more.


Neurological disorders after the v%x are up 1000% percent, according to what I read. Yes, immediate deaths, based on CDC number which are grossly suppressed, 12X higher than normal. Cancer, heart attacks, myocarditis, each up 300%. But neurological disorders up one thousand percent.

There is no reason whatsoever to give one of these shots to a child. Prevent more learning problems!

Please share this info. We know that Epoch Times is a reputable source. We also know that Reuters is owned by Pfizer. Fauci has a big share in Moderna. Gates and others have talked about depopulation for years. Please protect your children.

National Day of Prayer

Today is set aside, nationally in the USA, for there to be public, unified prayer. Normally all of the churches and civic leaders in every town are invited to come pray at the courthouse at noon today. It is a good time to pray. Why don’t you go out?

Also, if the pastors act badly, speak to them. It is a sad time to act badly. All churches should be invited. They all may not come, but they should all be invited. All ministries in town should be invited.  All civic leaders should be invited. Those that come and participate should be treated civilly, yes? If not, please don’t then pray for unity, laughing, and acting ugly.


On Sunday evenings, RHB’s servive “The Stand” addresses health topics. How is this on Youtube? Wow! Testimonies and wellness professionals.

Of course, RHB believes in healing. he is one of the few who will also address the current health malestrom. Indeed, he has books that mention such nefarious plans before it happened – referencing Rockefeller papers, and histories of Cecil Rhodes and G S.

BTW, RHB was the cause of the Toronto Revival of laughing! Who knew?