More Curated Cxvxd V$XX news : Scientists and Doctors Analyze the Recent Past

Sixth Circuit Permits States to Ban Cross Sex Surgeries for Children

What?!?! Leprosy as an Adverse Reaction to the mRNA v$xx? !!! Study from the UK

Dr. Malone on mismatched batches;”Breakthrough Infections”

Megan Kelley on V$xx Regret

Dr. Peter McCollough – Lack of Safety Data; and Preventative Method used successful in Bangladesh
what do the VAERs data mean?
good news: ivermectin, hydroxychloriquine, iodine

Dr. Harvey Risch – Professor of medicine – suppressed cures

the politicization of medicine
natural immunity is how we are going to get out of this
a widespread manufactured pandemic of fear and very few was at risk for the disease

China’s suppression of truth and outright deception this time

Grandmothers’ Prayer Tool

Wrapping up our Grandmothers’ prayer campaign that we were running this summer. Encouraging prayer always, of course. Explanation of the progress of prayer through the ages and how a prayer tool like this fits in. I cover several of the most popular scriptures to pray and several options for continued prayer.

Fortunately, we know that if we pray in the will of God, we will have our answers. And we do know that God wants total well-being for all children! Yay! HalleluJah!

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US Court Backs Doctors Against FDA re Ivermectin; Alberta Canada Continues on Unlawful, Unethical Persecution of Pastor

Court of Appeals Says FDA Overstepped Its Authority: Can NOT Tell Doctors How to Practice


Crown Prosecutor wants Pastor Pawlowski in prison for a minimum of one year for preaching one sermon at Coutts demonstration (which was not illegal itself.) At that prison, having been held there previously, officials tried to get 5 inmates to murder the pastor. Further, awaiting trial and sentencing, Pastor Pawlowski is on house arrest, but that time is not considered.