Principles to Help You Find the Truth

I give you 7 meta-principles to help you sort out what is true and what is not. Think through this. Practice it. Teach it to your children.  Make it first nature. It is important.

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Doctor Says It is an Emergency : We need to protect our children from the covid vax

Based on a large Israeli study, covid does not cause myocarditis.

However, the covid vax does — hundreds of thousands of cases.

Kids are less likely to die from covid than from the flu. There are many readily available cures.   Not true that the vax prevents transmission or infection. Any time the data becomes inconvenient, they stop giving to us.. Says Canadian doctork, Francis Christian.

Without basis of science or ethics, children are now afraid that they can kill their grandparents.

Doctor urges not to use google or bing. Rather, use European search engines.  or credible websites such as frontlinedoctors.

it is a therapy not a vaccine, based on original definitions. “Corrupt. Criminal.” All cause mortality is increased in the vaccinated. The shots on infants is a scandal in itself. Do no harm would clearly indicated that the shots should be stopped, especially for children.


The lawyer points out that censorship itself is a red flag; misinformation is reduced by discourse. Why then, repression of professional opinion?

Thge government promised that the vax would prevent vaccination and any one who questioned this was a conspiracy theory. Now, even the manufacturers say that it does not. Now the government says everyone must get a jab every 9 months.

Punitive damages will be sought against the Canadian governments. The courts will allow information from a variety of scientists and doctors and professors.

How is it possible that people are still willing to have themselves vaxxed? Well, says the doctor, we have a medical emergency; we must protect our children.

Of course, it is happening in the US, as well!  Dr. Mary Bowden is suing Methodist Hospital for $45 million because they pushed the covid “vax.” She could see that patients who were “vaxxed” were more likely to have covid. (Which of course stands to reason once you understand what the “vax” does.)

Doctor Fights Back! Sues Vax Pushing Hospital For $25 Million [VIDEO]

Expect more lawsuits, when families discover so many of their loved ones have died from the “vax.”  Then, expect that the medical industry, doctors, big pharma and legacy media will further lose standing since they so egregiously broke trust. And politicians also.

What is a child’s life worth? A life disabled by a vax? Knowingly. I know that the pharma companies have tried to shield themselves from legal liability. Let’s see what the courts say. Let’s see what the court of public opinion says, once it is actually informed. Eventually, we will also see what God says.




Why are “vaccinated” people getting covid at a higher rate? If you haven’t figured that out, you really must see this documentary. Please share this with friends. People have a very hard time thinking through issues, but traveling thru documentaries, seem to be convincing for average people.


Dr. Mercola’s site posts book review of Dr. Malone’e new book about covid lies. Mercola is well known health oriented doctor. Malone was the inventor of the mRNA “vax” and has been speaking out against how Fauci, WHO and governments are pushing it.  Headline: “MRNA Platform Inventor Sifts thru the Lies.”


Epoch Times ran an article in which Dr. Birx claims that they knew that the “vax” would not prevent infection. However, what she says contradicts itself so much that it is incomprehensible. My takeaway: more word, intended to confuse, in order to cover up a huge lie that killed lots of people.

Dr. Trozzi talks with  Dr. Shoemaker on RedVoice media, who says   “The numbers don’t lie; this drug is hurting and killing children.”  He is a doctor from the UK. Children are being hurt to the point of early death and also permanat disability. Children are dying in the first six months after shots. The conclusion is that this was an intention bio-weapon attack. He says people may claim it was not the “covid vax”, but the numbers don’t lie. Young people are 80 times more likely to die if they have had it.

Look at his face. Compare Fauci. Decide  who you think is telling the truth.


Dr. McCullough posted this on TruthSocial:


Peter McCullough, MD MPH



Historians will recall the US Government propaganda campaign against ivermectin designed to deny patients sick with COVID-19 a WHO essential medicine, safe and effective, in order to promote fear, suffering, hospitalization and death to drive mass vaccination with dangerous genetic transfer vaccines. Designed to nail the entire population down to age 6 months with no exceptions. Historians will record the diabolical plot to establish NWO

Former Pfizer exec explains: It is about controlling people.


Relatively good news about monkeypox: not highly contagious to everyone.


A DC legal experts suggests that a child covid vax mandate would be illegal.

spike protein may damage mitrocondria.


Why medical freedom is basic to all other freedoms. and discussion about “vaccine hesitancy?’