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Testimony concerning innovative Education

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The Great Shalom Broadcast was born out of our family’s victories in healing and my ongoing concern for healing of learning problems. As the years pass, while I think there continues to be a great deal of need for healing, fewer parents are aware of the need, because academic expectations have changed. We find there is more need and acceptance for discussion of character formation. We need this for healings of other kinds.Of course health measures continue to be popular with mothers, but even more with the grandparent generation, so we have a new page GSB4Gs. Nevertheless, I wanted to be sure that everyone had access to the basic Bible teaching about healing, so we plan to make a series available here.

God Wants Total Well-Being Explanation of our foundational scripture.

Isaiah 53 promises healing Part of a series.

Apostle Okwayo shares his testimony of healings

Healing is based on God’s grace

God Wants You Healed! We know this based on what we are told about Jesus’ wounds in Isaiah 53. Part of a series on Isa 53. Also a book available by the same name. Go to www.lulu.com to purchase the book.

Salvation is the greatest miracle. Here you are urged to consider submitting yourself to God in the prayer of salvation. The deal is worth it!

Authority in Christ We have authority in prayer if we are in Christ. Part of a series on how to pray.

Centurion Story of the centurion who appealed to Jesus for a healing. Relates to authority and faith.

Matthew 8:16 Matthew affirms that Isaiah 53 promises healing when he uses it to explain Jesus’ healing many people. Part of a series.



GSB Isaiah 52 53 April 30, 2016 The work Jesus did for us on the cross and in his scourging.

GSB Isaiah 53 54 May 7, 2016 The work Jesus did for us and how it applies to our families.