Don’t you wish you could pray powerfully? Be sure you were praying correctly? Would get answers? Could pray in public if you wanted to?

I’ve been where you may be now. Wondering. Needing some answers. Maybe you heard a sermon on “believe and you will receive” and been left doubting and without. Is it just random? Do the Christians have it and not the rest? Which story is correct?

Well, I spent my lifetime researching deep and wide. I’ve read the Greek, read the Hebrew, and sat with them all. Yes all, I think. I have some victory to tell about. Getting new revelation during this project – new to me and I doubt you have heard it either.

It is important that YOU PRAY POWERFULLY — not just me for you. So what would create the most transformation for you? What about a course?

Rooted in Scripture, I will give you not some airy stories, but a fulsome account of what Jesus said about how to pray, a clear account of Scripture promises for healing, information so that you can always pray intelligently in public if you want, the secret blessing blockers, and a balanced account of “confession is possession.” I promise 4 audio tracks, but then, to help in real transformation, I will add a workbook with exercises and model prayers and questions to ponder, and help for you to compose your own powerful prayers, and diagnose your hindrances –and finally overcome them! Then, amazingly, I will let you send in some of those exercises and get a critique. This is like mentoring. There will be a limit to how many I can take. At a certain point, I will be swamped and won’t be able to do this anymore. So get in on this while it is available, because this is the most valuable thing – personal attention.

Then, bonuses:
1. My book, God Wants You Healed
2. A message on CD on Isaiah 53, proving God’s promises for healing.
3. Then another message on CD on Isaiah 54, about God’s promises for well-being for us and our children.

All together for $97.00. Imagine what it will be worth to be sure that you are praying powerfully, and certainly, and Biblically.
Send to the Great Shalom Broadcast at P.O. Box 971, Cedar Park, Texas 78630. Be sure to include your land address.

Nope! Not ready! But you can get the audio on “shop” and the book by clicking through to

God Wants You Healed  in paperback or ebook.

2. Course on how to start a daycare/preschool/child development center in your church available. Go to

3. What to do When the Road to Reading Gets Rocky – For teaching children literacy and numeracy in an easy way – even if school has been hard.  4 Audio tracks. See “shop” to download.

4. Lioness Pride and Lioness Tribe – forthcoming.

Overcoming learning problems in 12 steps.

4. GSB4G – 12 step lessons for improving cognitive performance -forthcoming

Send me an email if you are waiting for any of these. Please know, however, that I am as busy as a one-armed paper hanger. Would take help. Starting with a WordPress teacher.