What is Loving?

We have been urged to do some things based on “it is the loving thing to do.” First, recognize that this is a manipulation based on the knowledge that Christians want to do the loving thing. But wait! Is God’s final judgement loving? Isn’t Jesus the quintessential example and teacher of love. Didn’t he criticize oppressors of the people? Didn’t he talk about hell? Remember “Gehenna.” Remember, then, that very soon in the Bible story is a character who misquotes God in order to get some one who knew less, who had less power, to do something that had negative and permanent consequences. There are lies.

Should you acquiese to authority, against doctor’s orders, against your own better judgement, in face of flip-flop, and even basic lack of reason, but just manipulation and now threatened force? The Enlows consider if you should follow a mandate serious to your health “because it is loving. ” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbzLM9P7mB4 Youtube may take this post down, but you can look for Restore7.com or Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow in their own websites/blog.

Then, there are questions about what is truth, and how do we know?
Next, there are questions about who has the authority to make decisions. In this country, decisions are supposed to be decided democratically. Is that what is happening?
And fundamentally, aren’t all rights, according to American philosophy, given by God alone, not government?

Acquising to evil is not loving. Allowing yourself to be killed, or your children, or the planet in order to be |nt in trouble” — that is not loving. That is being foolish and irresponsible. Capitulation is not love.

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