Were you disappointed in the outcome of the election?

Then maybe it is time you realize you need to be involved. Hoping things will get better is not a plan. Getting organized is a plan. Start praying. Starting doing what God tells you to do. Please consider partnering with The Great Shalom.
1. We need the Gospel, the good news, preached more than ever before. Our children and youth largely have not heard it. They have heard another not so moral set of ethics.They hear from teachers, professors, and the media a slough of weird, inconsistent, and ungodly opinions. They need to hear the truth.
2. Parents have become so overwhelmed that most not only have given up, but even do not recognize their responsibility to parent. They need teaching and encouragement that only GSB can give. No one else is addressing the learning needs of our children like GSB.
3. Many enjoy our ‘casts. More than one thousand have subscribe to podcast. If GSB had recieved even an average of $1.00 per each subscriber, it would have a transformative effect on this ministry. It would be reasonable to expect $1.00 a month. Think about the step up technologically, and therefore in terms of how many people we could reach. Think about the benefit you have recieved, that others might recieve, and your responsiblity, according to Galatians 6 : Let each who is taught share all good things with the teacher. Please support this ministry. P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas. No longer 50a(c)3, as that was too expensive compared to income. Would you like to sponsor that?

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