Thoughts are Vibrations – How to Use this Knowledge for Healing, etc.

Most people would like to know the secrets of spiritual power, but can’t understand the older language used. Or maybe it is even intentionally hidden from those with nefarious intent; I don’t know. Anyway, here is my attempt to share with you some of my most valuable lessons, in modern language. Christians may have to be patient with my attempts at new language; please realize many do not understand our lingo. I am trying to get over powerful lessons on how to pray powerfully, so that healing and other blessings can be manifested.

Looks like I am doing a series on music. LOL, well great. Christmas is a wonderful time to enjoy great music!

Merry Christmas to everybody (who wants such a greeting! Some people such as my Sokka Gakkai friends will happily and respectfully participate in any customs. They will even attend services their families go to; they see this as harmonious and gaining spiritual merit. Other cavil at and even attack Christians for saying Merry Christmas. I agree they should not be forced to participate, but Christians are tired of hearing that they do not have a right to practice their own religion in a country they founded.) So, let’s move on and decide to be merry! Merry Christmas to all — and HalleluJah!

Next week, surprises in Christmas Carols.

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